can you put frogs with hermit crabs?

Can Frogs And Hermit Crabs Live Together?

Last Updated on: 20th October 2023, 01:47 pm

The biological disparities and differing care needs of frogs and hermit crabs make cohabitation unsafe. To house these animal species together, you’ll need two separate enclosures.

Frogs primarily inhabit freshwater environments, whereas hermit crabs are indigenous to saltwater. Hermit crabs need more humidity, but both species are nocturnal and can tolerate similar temperatures.

Due to their solitary nature and lower activity levels, frogs may find hermit crabs’ activity annoying. Also, frogs may view hermit crabs as food because they sustain themselves on live prey.

Can Hermit Crabs Live with Frogs?

Frogs and hermit crabs have more differences than similarities.

Here’s what the two animals need:

Living Conditions

Amphibians and crustaceans need different conditions to survive and thrive.

Most land hermit crabs are native to saltwater environments, like beaches, while frogs are native to freshwater territories, like swamps.

The temperature requirements of frogs and hermit crabs are relatively similar.

Tree frogs flourish in an enclosure heated to around 75°F, while hermit crabs need a temperature of 80°F. However, hermit crabs need about 20% higher humidity than frogs.

How about aquatic hermit crabs? They’ll also struggle to live with frogs due to the salinity of the water. Equally, while many frog species can go underwater for a while, they’ll need to resurface.


The lifespan of pet frogs can be up to 20 years, depending on the species, diet, and living conditions.

Hermit crabs have an unfair reputation as short-lived pets but can live up to 30 years. Unfortunately, they may not survive long due to post-purchase stress (PPS) or their care needs aren’t adequately met.

Keeping frogs and hermit crabs in the same location will likely result in a shorter life, as neither will flourish because the conditions are unsuitable for both animals.

can hermit crabs live with frogs?


Frogs and hermit crabs are omnivores, but their dietary similarities end here. Hermit crabs are natural scavengers who seek food wherever they can, while frogs mostly hunt live prey.

Pet frogs need a steady supply of live insects, notably mealworms and crickets. Conversely, hermit crabs don’t eat live food. Instead, they rely on a diet of fruits and vegetables.

One dietary requirement hermit crabs and frogs share is a need for leafy greens.

Frogs need live food, and hermit crabs change their diet daily, rejecting the same food twice in 24 hours.


Many pet frog species, like hermit crabs, are nocturnal, meaning both animals will be active. Hermit crabs are energetic, so they climb, dig, and antennae wrestle for fun and enjoyment.

Frogs prefer a steady pace of life, growing aggravated and irritated by the activity of hermit crabs.

Will Frogs And Hermit Crabs Fight?

Frogs and hermit crabs won’t have encountered each other before you housed them together.

Frogs are more predatory, potentially seeing a hermit crab as a food source. Even if the frog isn’t interested in eating a hermit crab, its presence may inspire defensive or hostile behavior.

While hermit crabs seldom fight with other animals unprovoked, they’ll use their chelipeds to defend themselves if they have no viable alternative. This can lead to injury or death.

The suboptimal living conditions faced by both species can increase stress levels.

Do Hermit Crabs Eat Frogs?

Hermit crabs may eat the corpse of a frog if it dies suddenly, especially if other foods are in short supply. As natural scavengers, hermit crabs will never decline the opportunity to consume a corpse.

It’s unlikely that a hermit crab will attack a live frog, seeing it as a meal. Pet hermit crab species are usually much smaller than pet frogs, lacking the desire to confront a larger, more dangerous foe.

Do Frogs Eat Hermit Crabs?

Frogs are likelier to attack and eat a hermit crab than the other way around.

Many species of frogs sustain themselves on live prey, notably insects. If a frog spots a hermit crab, it may instinctually grow hostile or think it has found a food source.

A hermit crab will hide in its shell if it’s feeling stressed or fearful, making it difficult for the frog to access them. Frogs have tiny teeth designed to hold prey still, not chew.

If a hermit crab doesn’t hide inside a shell, it’ll likely fight back. The pinch of a hermit crab’s claws (especially a larger species) can be very firm, meaning a frog could get hurt.

Frogs and hermit crabs shouldn’t be forced to live together in captivity. Amphibians and crustaceans have different lifestyles and needs, so neither will like sharing a tank. Each animal needs a separate enclosure.