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Who’s Behind Hermit Crab Answers?

Our small team is passionate about sharing our knowledge with you. We love hermit crabs, so it’s only natural that we want to shout it from the rooftops.

Hermit crabs require specialized care, and misinformed owners don’t always provide them with the environment and food they need to thrive.

We’re attempting to stop this with our expert advice and care tips, all backed by scientific research. All our content is easy to read and digest to make life easier for new owners.

Luana Factor, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Reproduction Specialist (Senior Writer)

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/luana-factor-6ab588147/

Luana Factor, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Luana Factor graduated with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree and furthered her studies with a master’s in animal reproduction.

While many venture into more conventional realms of veterinary science, Luana chose a path less trodden.

With a blend of academic background and hands-on experience, Luana has become a leading authority on hermit crab biology.

Recognizing these creatures’ unique challenges, she has consistently worked on strategies for their enhanced care and conservation.

Her hands-on approach and advanced analytical skills allow her to identify and resolve global issues captive and wild hermit crab populations face.

Luana’s work has contributed to the understanding and appreciation of these fascinating creatures.

Joanne Harper (Owner And Writer)


“I’m Jo – it’s great to meet you. As you’ve probably already guessed, I adore hermit crabs.

My passion for these characterful crustaceans started at school when my high school science teacher kept hermit crabs as a hobby. 

He entertained the entire class with amusing tales about his two hermit crabs. I’d ask Mr. Burton to show me pictures, and I’d stay long after the bell rang to watch videos of their adventures.

When I was old enough to move into my own place, I set up my own tank and added two fascinating hermit crabs (Steve and Roger). Amazingly, they’re still alive today.

Since then, the tank has grown, and I’m now the proud owner of 14 hermit crabs.

They each have their own unique personality and keep me entertained for hours with their quirky behaviors. Despite what some think, they seem to recognize and trust me.”

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