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What To Name Your Pet Hermit Crab

Part of the fun of having a pet hermit crab is choosing a name.

Hermit crabs won’t respond to their moniker, but they’re all individuals with distinct personalities. This means that every hermit crab deserves a good name.

Select names for hermit crabs with at least two syllables as they’ll learn to recognize the base of your voice. Beyond this, choose names based on gender, personality, or something you’ll remember.

Do Hermit Crabs Learn Their Names?

Hermit crabs will respond to any name. They do not decipher between sounds and understand human language, though.

All the same, hermit crabs to come to recognize the sound of an owner’s voice. Speaking in a low, soft tone is most impactful. Once you have gained the trust of a hermit crab, it will respond positively.

Hermit crabs react well to a positive experience. If you call names before feeding, your hermit crabs will consider your voice a source of pleasure.

What Should I Name My Hermit Crab?

There are no hard-and-fast rules about what to call a hermit crab. As discussed, hermit crabs do not understand their names. A moniker with at least two syllables can help, though. The longer a name takes to verbalize, the likelier a hermit crab is to respond.

You have free reign with naming hermit crabs. You do not need to worry about feeling silly using it in public. They do not leave their tank and roam free in the local park. Be as imaginative or as traditional as you see fit.

Here are some suggestions for hermit crab pet names, broken down into groups. You use any of these, draw inspiration and apply a twist, or even mix-and-match to get the best hermit crab name.

Hermit Crab Names for Boys

Sometimes, the easiest step to choosing a name is by gender. While there are no drastic behavioral differences between male and female hermit crabs, there are physical discrepancies.

Male hermit crabs tend to be a little larger, especially when young. Male hermit crabs can also be more aggressive, while simultaneously a little shyer and more cautious. Assess your hermit crab and pick an appropriate masculine name. Some suggestions include:

  • Herman – Sometimes, the most obvious choice is the best. This is a basic play on the fact that you have a herm-it crab
  • Sheldon – Another male name with a clear pun. Your male hermit crabs will place a lot of emphasis on their shells
  • Captain Hook – OK, so Peter Pan’s piratical nemesis was a human being, but don’t you think the name suits a hermit crab?
  • Coconut – The Coconut Crab is the world’s largest hermit crab. If your pet is a bruiser, this is a great name
  • Tyson – Some males can be antagonistic, always starting fights. Pay tribute to the famous boxer with this moniker
  • Poseidon – All hermit crabs start life in the ocean, so the head of your crab colony could be named after the Greek God of the sea
  • Brutus – The most famous of Julius Caesar’s assassins has a moniker that translates as, “heavy” in original Latin. Perfect for a thick-set hermit crab
  • Lookout – Some hermit crabs, especially males, rarely leave their shells, opting instead to watch the world go by from a place of safety
  • Stinky – Is your hermit crab reluctant to take a bath, or prone to flinging his feces? Mark these smelly characteristics with an affectionate name
  • Casanova – It’s rare for captive hermit crabs to breed, but that is not due to a lack of trying from males. If your hermit crab won’t leave the girls alone, there’s only one appropriate name

You could also take your pick from any number of traditional masculine names. Just aim for two syllables or more, like, “Billy” or “Terry.”

good names for your hermit crab

Names for Female Hermit Crabs

The instinct of most pet owners is to choose a more feminine name for girl hermit crabs, not least because they are often smaller than males.

Whether you stick with tradition or choose something a little more ironic is up to you. Here are some popular ideas to get you started:

  • Hermione – A more feminine interpretation of Herman, as well as being ideal for Harry Potter fans, this is another play on the word hermit
  • Shelley – Another pun-based name, this popular girl’s name reflects the universal hermit crab necessity for a shell on the back
  • Crabette – Perfect for a small and delicate hermit crab, this is a tribute to the time-honored pop culture trope of adding, “ette” to the name of female characters
  • Sandy – As hermit crabs love to play in the sand, this popular girl’s name is a great choice for this beachcombing animal
  • Pearl – Celebrate the class and elegance of your hermit crab with this choice. Pearls are more commonly associated with oysters, but they’re all aquatic creatures
  • Claudia – Back in the realms of fun puns, the pretty name Claudia could equally be spelled, “Clawdia”. See what we did there?
  • Marina – A moniker associated with the waters from whence hermit crabs came, this is a great name for any underwater pet
  • Oceana – Once again, a pretty simple tribute to the wild waters where you hermit crab would have been born
  • Dora – Like the explorer of children’s fiction, female hermit crabs love to explore their habitat and check out every nook and cranny
  • Sunshine – Hermit crabs can bring a little sunshine to the lives of their owners. Choosing this name will reflect that fact

Traditional two-syllable girl’s names like, “Molly” are also popular with owners. You can choose whether to go quirky or classic.

Cute Names for Hermit Crabs

Hermit crabs are far cuter than many people give them credit for. Celebrate the beauty of these animals by assigning an appropriately adorable name. You’ll certainly have plenty to choose from, including:

  • Bubbles – Hermit crabs are native to the water and will be no strangers to producing bubbles. This cute name will suit a docile and entertaining hermit crab no end.
  • Backpack – Hermit crabs carry their shells everywhere, much like a backpacking tourist. This name is sure to raise a smile
  • Teeny Weeny – Not all hermit crabs are large. It depends on the breed and sex. A small hermit crab would enjoy this affectionate name if they could understand it
  • Leviathan – A hermit crab is unlikely to provoke terror in the hearts of a salty sailor. That makes this name, taken from the huge ocean monster of myth, particularly cute
  • FishfaceHermit crabs live side-by-side with fish, whether in the sea or a marine aquarium. Celebrate this cohabitation with a delightful name for your pet
  • Scuttlebutt – Hermit crabs do not stride purposefully. They scuttle with ten legs on the ground, keeping their bottom low. This adorable name reflects this movement
  • Peepers – Hermit crabs have big eyes, attached to long stalks. Celebrate this aspect of a hermit crab’s appearance by naming them appropriately
  • Blinky – Most hermit crabs prefer not to spend too much time in direct light. We like to imagine that, if they could, hermit crabs would blink away any eye strain
  • Plodder – Hermit crabs have many great qualities, but a sense of urgency is rarely among them. This name is a sweet celebration of these slow-moving animals
  • Poker Face – It’s possible to learn about hermit crab behaviors and what they mean. Just don’t expect to understand anything by staring into their eyes. Hermit crabs retain a neutral expression at all times

A cute hermit crab name can be great for disarming nervous guests to your home. By applying a sweet moniker, and demonstrating how gentle hermit crabs are, you’ll win over a cynic in no time

Funny Names for Hermit Crabs

One of the great things about hermit crab names is that nobody else needs ever hear that. You can choose a name that amuses you and you alone. Here are some suggestions for amusing hermit crab names:

  • Lenny Crabitz – Celebrity puns are always a winner, and this arguably the simplest and most effective of them all
  • Rover – There is something undeniably amusing about assigning a hermit crab a name so commonly associated with a dog
  • Batman – Many hermit crabs sleep hanging upside down from the roof of an aquarium, like a bat. Does your pet escape its tank at night and fight crime?
  • Sir and Lady Crabbington – Bring a little regal class and elegance to your hermit crab family with these names
  • David Hasselhoff – A crab discovered in the Atlantic was named the Hoff, due to a hairy chest reminiscent of the Baywatch star. Also, “Hasselhoff” is fun to say
  • Leonardo DaPinchi – Another play on the classic celebrity moniker with a crab-centric twist
  • Captain Caravan – Hermit crabs carry their homes on their backs, like those that live in motor homes. Celebrate this free-spirited life choice
  • Crabmaister General – Rudolf Maister was a Slovenian general and poet during WWI. His distinctive surname has been inspiring nicknames ever since
  • Santa Claws – If you were given a hermit crab during Christmas, there is surely only one name that can be considered
  • MyShell Obama – The last celebrity pun-inspired name, we promise

You can go crazy with a hermit crab name if you wish. There are no real limits. Your hermit crabs certainly will not mind.

Hermit Crab Names Inspired Pop Culture

Hermit crabs are not ubiquitous in pop culture, especially compared to other animals. All the same, there are a handful of famous crustaceans from the world of cinema and TV. Here are some popular examples that may make for suitable names:

  • Sebastian – Pay tribute to the famous Calypso-singing crab from the Disney animated classic The Little Mermaid
  • Crazy Joe – A rare example of a pop culture hermit crab, this character featured in the Will Smith animated movie Shark Tale
  • Eugene Krabs – The lovably cantankerous boss of SpongeBob SquarePants is one the most popular crabs in all of pop culture
  • Kermit – While this name is most commonly linked with frogs, Kermit the Hermit was also a 1965 children’s book from Bill Peet
  • Zeromus – One for the video gamers. Zeromus was a major antagonist in the Final Fantasy franchise
  • Cancero – A bit of a deep cut, but Cancero is a fictional supervillain from the DC Comics stable of characters
  • Pagoo – The hermit crab protagonist of a 1957 children’s book of the same name, written and illustrated by Holling C. Holling
  • Clawgrip – This hermit crab appeared in the Nintendo video game Super Mario Bros. 2
  • Harryplax Severus – This is a genuine species of crab, recently discovered and named after a range of Harry Potter characters
  • Tamatoa – Another crab from the Disney studio, Tamatoa is the name of an antagonist in the movie Moana

As you’ll see, depictions of crabs in pop culture are not always flattering. Maybe choosing a name inspired by an antagonist character will change the perspective of these gentle animals.

Foreign Language Hermit Crab Names

Many native English speakers find international languages effortlessly exotic. You could take inspiration from overseas names for hermit crabs:

  • Cangrejo is Spanish for crab
  • Crubag is Gaelic for crab
  • Eremita is Italian for hermit
  • Ermitano is Spanish for hermit
  • Ermite is French for hermit
  • Gaforrja is Albanian for crab
  • Granchio is Italian for crab
  • Kekada is Hindi for crab
  • Pertapa is Indonesian for hermit
  • Pustelnik is Polish for hermit

By using foreign languages to name your hermit crabs, you achieve many aims. You have come up with unique and pretty monikers, in addition to learning a new tongue. It’s a win-win for all concerned.

name for a female hermit crab

Hermit Crab Group and Pair Names

As hermit crabs are a social species, they dislike living alone. It’s more than likely that you’ll end up with at least two. The more the merrier, as far as these animals are concerned. Let’s suggest some suitable matching names for pairs and groups of hermit crabs:

  • Salt and Pepper – An all-time classic for paired-up animals
  • Lennon and McCartney (and Ringo and George) – Hermit crabs are not beetles, but any Beatlemaniac will struggle to resist using these names
  • Curly, Larry and Moe – just like The Three Stooges, hermit crabs can be a constant source of slapstick amusement when observed
  • Buzz Lightyear and Woody – Like all best friends, hermit crabs may fight on occasion, but they’ll always have each other’s back
  • Bert and Ernie – Hermit crabs can become inseparable once they bond, like these celebrated muppets
  • Scooby and Shaggy (and Fred, Velma, and Daphne) – Hermit crabs will do anything for a snack, and love to investigate the mysteries of their enclosure
  • Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter – If you have hermit crabs with disparate personas, naming these after the seasons is ideal
  • Romeo and Juliet – Pairing up hermit crabs of the opposite sex hoping for a family is likely to end in disappointment. The star-crossed lovers of Verona still make great pet names, though
  • The Lone Ranger and Tonto – Celebrate the fact that the term., “hermit crab” is a misnomer by naming a duo after these western heroes
  • Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Monica, Chandler, and Joey – Hermit crabs that live together will do everything together, just like the cast of a classic sitcom

There is nothing to say you need to pair up the names of your hermit crabs. If they are adopted at different times, or just suit different identities, that’s fine. Your hermit crabs will not rue their lack of matching monikers.

Hermit Crab Names Based on Behavior

There is no need to rush into naming your hermit crabs as soon as you bring them home. Watch them and their distinct personalities and habits will emerge. You may wish to incorporate these into naming:

  • Houdini – Hermit crabs should be happy in captivity if you make a comfortable habitat. Some will always try to escape.
  • Digger – All hermit crabs dig, but some like to kick up more sand than others. If your hermit crab acts as an organic JCB, this name will suit
  • Pinchy – At some time in your life, you will feel the edge of your hermit crab’s claw. If your pet is a little pinch-happy, you may as well embrace it through this name
  • Bashful – Not all hermit crabs are confident and outgoing. If you have a shy and retiring hermit crab that hides in its shell, this is the optimum choice of name
  • Munchy – Most hermit crabs have small appetites, but some can consume food at a rate of knots. This is the ideal name for a gluttonous or greedy hermit crab that is always first to the food dish
  • Detective – Hermit crabs are curious and love to explore their environment. You may consider your crab to be a miniature Sherlock Holmes clad in a shell
  • Chatterbox – Hermit crabs do not bark or meow, but equally, they’re not silent pets. If you have a hermit crab that chirps constantly, this name will be more than fitting
  • Oscar – Some hermit crabs are grouchier than others. They also eat waste. This may bring to mind Oscar the Grouch, the cantankerous but loveable citizen of Sesame Street
  • Tarzan – Hermit crabs love to climb. If you spot your crabs climbing and traversing wooden branches, they may remind you of the famous Lord of the Apes
  • Zippy – If your hermit crab is prone to bursts of energy, it may run around a tank on occasion. This name will reflect these bouts of cardio exercise

Hermit crabs may change behavior on occasion, but rarely too drastically. What’s more, naming hermit crabs after their personas can be a handy way to tell them apart if they trade shells.

Naming any pet is a personal experience. It needs to be a male or female moniker that you are happy with. If you care for your hermit crabs well, you could be using it for 10 years or more. Take your time, choose fun and cute names that suit your hermit crabs – and, most importantly, have fun.