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can you feed hermit crabs eggs?

Can Hermit Crabs Eat Eggs? [Boiled, Scrambled, Raw + Eggshells]

Hermit crabs are unlikely to encounter eggs in the wild while scavenging for food. However, their nutritional value makes eggs a good snack or meal for captive hermit crabs.

Eggs bolster the health of hermit crabs due to phosphorus, protein, calcium, and potassium. Raw eggs are best for hermit crabs, although you can share cooked eggs with hermit crabs.

Grind some eggshell into your hermit crabs’ meal. Just one gram of eggshell contains around 380mg of calcium. Hermit crabs rely on calcium to build a strong exoskeleton, so eggshell is beneficial.

Most hermit crabs don’t need much encouragement to eat eggs. If necessary, make the eggs more tempting by adding a pinch of rock salt. This will react with the humidity of a hermit crab enclosure and rouse the senses of the animals.

Do Hermit Crabs Like Eggs?

Hermit crabs aren’t fussy eaters, as long as they’re not fed something they’ve recently sampled. This means you can offer many types of snacks to these omnivorous animals, including eggs.

Hermit crabs may take a while to warm to eggs, as they prefer sweet tastes and scents. Once your hermit crabs grow accustomed to feeding on eggs, they’ll look forward to their meal.

Are Eggs Good for Hermit Crabs?

Eggs contain many nutrients that bolster the health of hermit crabs. The average nutritional value of one large hen’s egg is as follows:

Total Fat5.4g
Saturated Fat1.5g
Dietary Fiber0g

The nutritional profile of an egg may differ depending on how it was prepared.

For example, an egg fried on a stove using vegetable oil will increase fat and calories. Wherever possible, keep eggs as pure as possible when feeding them to hermit crabs.

Can You Feed Hermit Crabs Eggs?

If your hermit crabs take a liking to eggs, they should become part of their meal plan. You’ll need to practice moderation when feeding eggs to hermit crabs.

Hermit crabs enjoy a varied diet and grow bored of the same food on concurrent days. However, there are clear advantages to bringing eggs into rotation.

Benefits of Feeding Eggs to Hermit Crabs

Calcium content is the most significant advantage of feeding eggs to hermit crabs.

As Iheringia: Série Zoologia explains, calcium helps build and strengthen the exoskeleton of a hermit crab, which is especially important immediately after molting.

Protein works with calcium to keep a hermit crab strong and healthy. Eggs also contain potassium, which provides energy and keeps hermit crabs active.

Eating eggs encourages hormone production in hermit crabs. It’s rare for captive hermit crabs to breed, but if this is an ambition, feeding eggs to them will increase your chances of success.

Drawbacks of Eggs to Hermit Crabs

One of the main challenges of feeding eggs to hermit crabs can be convincing them to eat.

Hermit crabs are drawn to food by its smell, and sweet, cloying aromas are likeliest to attract attention. Eggs, while having a distinctive smell, may not pique their interest.

One way around this is to add a pinch of salt to your eggs during cooking or afterward. BMC Neuroscience explains how sodium in the air stimulates a hermit crab’s aerial sense of smell, and strongly scented oils can perform the same function.

Another risk of feeding eggs to hermit crabs is the potential waste. If your hermit crabs choose to bury or hide cooked eggs, they’ll quickly spoil in the heat and humidity of an enclosure.

How To Feed Eggs To Hermit Crabs

Eggs can be prepared in a range of different ways. You can share eggs cooked on a stove with your hermit crabs or offer them raw.

Raw Eggs

The idea of raw eggs is unappealing to a human palate, but for hermit crabs, it’s arguably the best way to dine. By offering eggs to a hermit crab raw, they’ll obtain maximum goodness. Heat can kill nutrients, even in the smallest quantities.

Access to pure egg yolk and egg white will ensure that hermit crabs consume plenty of protein. The yolk is the most important of these two components; that’s where 90% of an egg’s calcium is found.

Crack raw eggs into a small dish and place them in an enclosure immediately before your hermit crab’s scheduled wake-up time. This will prevent the eggs from spoiling before the hermit crabs can eat them.

You can add a pinch of salt to stimulate scent and herbs for taste.

are eggs good for hermit crabs?

Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are a breakfast staple in many homes, and hermit crabs can enjoy their eggs this way. The soft texture of scrambled eggs is easy to swallow and consume, as hermit crabs have no teeth.

Be careful of adding milk to scrambled eggs for taste if you serve them to hermit crabs. Hermit crabs aren’t technically lactose intolerant but struggle with dairy products when consumed regularly. It’s best to keep scrambled eggs dry.

You can add small amounts of herbs and spices to your scrambled eggs to keep your hermit crabs interested. Popular herbs with hermit crabs include mint (not peppermint, as this is toxic), coriander, thyme, and basil.

Boiled Eggs

Boiled eggs, served within the shell, can be a great snack for hermit crabs. Eggshells are packed with calcium, so encouraging hermit crabs to eat the shell is recommended.

A soft-boiled egg can be cracked open using the chelipeds, and the entire egg consumed.

Make sure that boiled eggs are eaten in good time. Allowing a boiled egg to spoil will result in a foul smell and cause mold and bacteria to spread.

Fried And Poached Eggs

Frying and poaching eggs is the least effective way to serve eggs to hermit crabs. While these cooking methods will ensure access to egg whites and the yolk remains accessible, they’re tougher to eat.

If you want to fry an egg, don’t apply much heat. The hotter the pan that cooks up your eggs, the more nutrients will be killed. You’ll need to use fatty oils to grease a pan and make the cooking process safe.

If you heat eggs on your stove, avoid using traditional vegetable oil. Coconut oil, or an equally organic counterpart, will provide some health benefits to match the eggs.

The scent and flavor will make the eggs more appealing to hermit crabs.

How Often Can I Give Eggs to Hermit Crabs?

Eggs are best served to hermit crabs around once a week, which is frequent enough to help them flourish and grow suitably strong, but not so frequently that hermit crabs grow weary of the taste sensation.

To provide an additional layer of interest, consider different types of eggs for hermit crabs on each serving. Switch between raw and cooked unless your hermit crabs have a preference.

Eggs, especially egg yolk and shells, can be a valuable part of a hermit crab’s diet.